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        This comment makes sense, as in mid-August 2020, Banco Central do Brasil (BCB) created a study group, which objective is to study central bank digital currency (CBDC) and evaluate the potential benefits and impacts of issuing the Brazilian Real in a digital format.

        In their press release dated September 2nd mentioned that ”  BCB will start by studying the digital currency issuance model to understand the phenomena and its potential impacts, particularly on as financial inclusion, economic growth, technological innovation and efficiency of financial transactions.”

        And added “Among the study group's objectives is the proposition of a digital currency issuance model covering risk mapping — including cyber security, data protection and regulatory compliance issues , as well as an analysis of CBDC's impacts on financial inclusion and stability and on the conduct of monetary and economic policies”


        In addition to cost reduction of the money cycle, a digital currency issued by BCB can support its strategic objective of 'fostering the financial citizenship and strengthen the relationship with society and public powers'. An electronic currency can increase the safety of handling and custody of cash, in addition to creating monetary policy instruments.

        Source: Brazil Central Bank

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